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Responsible. Safe.

The increase in crime continues to rise.  Living in fear is not a healthy way of living day to day.  There are inexpensive tools and awareness which can significantly reduce our chances of becoming victims of crime.  Instruction is as simple as attending a four hour class to increase awareness and education which does not require a firearm.  It is a great place to start.  

Did you know that most victims of criminal attack could probably have been avoided by using awareness and practical planning? 

Indeed, even without a firearm, there are many practical steps anyone can take to make us less of a target for criminals. 

Everyone needs the practical awareness and training that rises from the NRA course, "Refuse to be a Victim", from teens to elderly.


How do you know if firearms ownership is right for you?


There are many benefits from  owning and training to utilize a firearm.  The sport of shooting teaches attentiveness and care. 


Shooting is both a skill and an art. 


Shooting requires a solid connection between body and mind with focused discipline.  There are some definite mechanics, but our bodies will determine the nuances required to perform well.  And then when you add into the mix a challenge, we learn how we think under pressure and how pressure affects us.  We then learn how to discipline our minds under pressure.

And shooting is fun!


If you are about to join, or already have joined the millions of firearms owners, who have recently purchased, or would like to develop your skills, I hope you will consider training with someone.

Did you know that carrying concealed is now attainable for any citizen in good legal standing?  Do you have what it takes for this steep responsibility? 


I have encouraged and trained many from novice to highly skilled, towering to tiny.  It is not about size and strength.  It is about learning the disciplines of shooting well.

For the experienced, how often do you practice annually?  Do you know how to develop your skills, not simply accuracy but defensive, situational pistol skills?  What are they?  Do you also carry a nonlethal tool?  What happens if you are forced to defend yourself with a firearm?  

I have personally learned there is a lot to process and do when given this immense responsibility.  Make sure you know and have the ability needed should you find  yourself in a defensive situation, with or without a firearm.  Awareness and training is essential and must be worked on regularly.  It could save your life and/or the lives of your loved ones or innocent lives.


As a Journeyman Finish Carpenter, retired school science teacher and now pastor and firearms instructor, Bob has been blessed with many skills and knowledge that provide him unique qualifications in the firearms community. 


Being an NRA certified instructor, and member, while training with others in the firearms community, he has the tools.


Having taught middle school science instructing with hands on, minds on methods and enjoying it for nearly two decades, he is practical and has the patience. 


As he worked with individuals and small groups asking for guidance with safety and use of firearms, they encouraged him forward to find a means to teach to a wider audience which may include you.

Join a class or schedule an in person session tailored to your needs.

Bob is a certified NRA Instructor with a passion for responsible, safe and effective use of firearms.  Always a student, he never wants to stop learning more and helping others.

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