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Bob Arii

NRA Instructor

Refuse to Be a Victim

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Personal Protection Inside the Home

DOJ Instructor

Firearms Training and Safety Certificate

CCW Instructor

San Diego County

Certified New and Renewal Instructor for Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.

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You are an ordinary citizen.  I am too.  Really.  I have no professional law enforcement training.  I have no military background.  These may appear to give me little qualification to instruct personal protection, firearm safety, ownership and utilization.  Yet the NRA (National Rifle Association), DOJ (Department of Justice) and the San Diego Sheriff have all approved me as an official Firearms Instructor, including CCW classes.

How did this happen?  An ordinary citizen who enjoyed the shooting sports, chose to develop his existing skill with training to become an ordinary citizen who would responsibly and safely be willing to protect his family and potentially others finding themselves in harms way due to another or other’s disrespect for their lives.

Are you an ordinary, responsible citizen?  Have you been in any altercation wishing you had the skills and ability to restore peace in the situation?  Have you, like I, failed to be able to do so in the past?  Do you have skills and ability to diffuse a threatening moment with words and non-lethal action?


Are you willing to train (this is a non-negotiable) to be able to diffuse, solve and stop potential or fully escalated threats against you, your loved one or innocents?  What steps must we ALL take to responsibly and reasonably undertake to ensure such safety for everyone around?  How far are you willing to work to make this a reality?  Do you fully understand the huge responsibility you must possess should you be “called upon” to utilize the tools you selected to have at your disposal?

I and so many others have thought we had sufficient skills in altercations, but when they occurred fell way short of what we thought we were capable to enact.  Because we care and are responsible individuals, we therefor press into the concept that continuation of effective training/learning will provide a larger arsenal of tools at our disposal when challenging situations arise that will bring the appropriate solution.

If you find this speaking to you, it is why I continually train and hope to be a part of your training.  I also learn and develop from my encounters with students as well.  It is what shapes our training together.  So, if you also find this process interesting and valuable,  you may want to consider taking classes together with me.  Training isn’t about dumping a bunch of information into you or me, it is about understanding and developing ourselves from where we are to where we should be next and for the long haul.  It is a worthwhile, life-long, passionate and fun endeavor.  Yes, I said fun…meaning enjoyable. 

So, let’s make it happen.  I do as I ask/teach as an ordinary citizen asked to do an extraordinary task, press forward in areas of personal protection and safety, along with skill development in use of firearms as well.  Looking forward to meeting you, I trust.

Individual shooting pistol at a live fire range.

Why Firearms Training?

Responsible firearms ownership is much more than just stepping through qualifying to purchase and acquisition.


There are many different types of firearms.  Their use can span the gamut from simple plinking (fun shooting at nontraditional targets) to self-defense. 


There is so much more to responsible firearm ownership than picking a caliber of projectile and firearm, loading it, pointing it downrange and squeezing the trigger.  Many long-time firearms owners have made errors that could have been costly. On extremely rare occasion when injury or death occurs it could have easily been avoided by setting up and using some simple plans.  It's actually quite straight forward.

Safe utilization of a firearm is essential.  A firearm is a tool and as such must be owned and operated with respect unique to its purpose including situational awareness and training as well as safe storage. Its most dangerous aspect rises from improper fit, operation, lapse in attention when utilized and/or stored.   The most significant issue of improper or nonexistent training and use can cause great bodily injury to ourselves and others as with any tool, including a firearm.

Effective use of a firearm is found in managing all the details for consistent delivery of bullet to target under pressure or not.  Humanly speaking, there are many factors that affect the point of final aim.  While proper sight alignment and sight picture are critical, so are the movements that can potentially cause misalignment as the trigger is being pressed.  Then the firearm recoils due to the energy and inertia introduced into the firearm. While there are basics to manage these, each individual has a complex mix of physiology and cognitive abilities that should be addressed for effective use of various firearms in a variety of situations.  This is why there is a need to train and shoot with an instructor.  

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