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Personal Protection and Awareness- Pepper Spray

This is a hands-on class that will prepare you to be less attractive to criminals as well as give you hands-on understanding of use of pepper spray along with what to do before, during and after a defensive confrontation.  Join us Thursday March 7 at 6:30 pm for this informative and hands-on training.  Register early to leave with your own pepper spray included in cost of the $35 class and training.

Refuse to Be a Victim

Learn about Criminal Mindset and Ways to Reduce Exposure to Criminal Activities.

Simple Steps and Tools to Prevent and Potentially Stop a Criminal Attack.

CCW First Steps

Considerations and Process for Applying along with new requirements in 2024.

CCW 8 Hour Initial Class

For those applied to Permitium BEFORE 1 January 2024.   Required by the Sheriff Once Approved.

CCW 4 Hour Renewal Class

For those who applied to Permitium BEFORE January 1, 2024.  Required by the Sheriff Every 2 Years.

Holster Selection and Fundamentals

Finding and Utilizing a CCW Holster.

NRA Basic Pistol

This is the NRA Certified pistol class which includes some range time scheduled separately.

NRA Basic Rifle

A NRA Certified rifle class which included some range time scheduled separately.

DOJ (Department of Justice) Firearms Safety Certificate Class

-Comprehensive Safety Class which provides a certificate for firearms purchase.

CCW Class Initial
NEW Information!

Classroom Instruction and Live Fire Qualification

NEW Information!
If you applied to Permitium prior to January 1, 2024, you are only required to take the 

8 hour Initial CCW Class.  Even starting in 2024, once you get your approval letter from the Sheriff.

This requires you to print out page 3 of your Perimtium application and provide it to ensure you qualify for this.

You have submitted your CCW Initial Application and have been directed to attend a required class.  There are two aspects of completion, a classroom component which includes a written exam and live fire qualification.

As a teacher, our class together will be fairly interactive.  I ask questions and believe you will find the class engaging and interesting.  We will cover a lot of ground.  You will most likely discover several things you might not have considered about self-defensive encounters and firearm management in them.


When you register for a class, you are registering for both components, however, the live fire qualification will be completed separately either shortly before or closely following the class time at your convenience.  You will need a concealed holster and must demonstrate excellent drawing technique (included in training).

Do NOT bring firearms and holster to classroom portion of instruction.

Included in the cost (except for the range fee) is up to one hour of qualification and individualized instruction (a $125 value).  You must qualify with each firearm that you are placing on your permit.  I suggest, if possible, that you complete the qualifier before the classroom portion of the instruction.

Wouldn't it be great to know that you have completed the shooting qualification before you take the classroom portion of the training?

As you complete the process, you are given the ability to join a growing number of men and women who can discretely carry a firearm for personal protection of self and loved ones, as well as potentially the lives of others.  It is a high calling with many responsibilities and much to understand.

You must complete both parts, the live fire qualification and the classroom experience to successfully to have the required elements for your CCW.

Cost: $200 per person plus range fee of $20.  Remember, this $20 includes a private, qualification and range instruction.  Your skills will be assessed and coached if needed (and we all need coaching, I do so with other trainers regularly).

Registration and payment must be completed before the live fire qualification and classroom instruction date.

Use the Contact Page link below or call so we can talk and schedule a convenient qualification time to schedule your live fire qualification.

Qualification times can be scheduled ate your convenience.  Passing the live fire qualification is required to attain your CCW.


Schedule with Bob via contact page, button below or phone. (619) 797-7464

Classroom Instruction:

Grace Fellowship 498 S 3rd St, El Cajon, CA 92019


8 am to 3 pm.

Please bring a lunch. 

Class will have a working lunch.

For Qualification Scheduling Call or Contact

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Private In Home
Pistol Training

Personal Handgun Training

Learn Essential Skills in the Comfort

of Your Home

This is a time to work on and develop skills for success at the shooting range. These skills also apply to effective use of your pistol in any circumstance. You can use your pistol or borrow one of ours.

Tailored to your needs, from those yet to purchase to those with a history of shooting, you will find this instruction valuable. Best of all this is an efficient way for us to learn about one another and see if training with me is a good fit for us. In addition you will not be expending precious ammunition.  All this while learning safe and very practical ways to improve your shooting skills in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, safe, effective training and practice can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Due to the nature of scheduling, please contact me to set up a convenient time for us to train together. You can do so here, on the website on the "Contact" page. Thank you!

If you want more tools to improve your range time with your pistol or lack confidence and competence. Reach out and schedule a time with Bob in one hour increments.

Use the Book Now Button below, the Contact Page link above or give me a call so we can schedule a convenient time for you. (619) 797-7464

Cost: $80 per person per hour or $100 per couple per hour (cohabitant, significant other)

Date: Schedule with Bob via contact page or phone.

Place:  The Privacy of You Own Home

Private Range Training

Develop and Work on Essential Skills

Why consider training?

It seems simple, load a pistol, aim at a target and shoot.  But there is so much more that needs to be developed to feel natural and be effective in accomplishing the goal, well placed shots under pressure or for fun.


Think about it.  You have a controlled explosion occurring just a few feet away from your head.  It just isn't natural.  The force imposes recoil of the pistol, sending a tiny projectile at great speeds downrange toward an intended target.  The angle of deviation with such a short barrel makes it incredibly difficult to hit a particular spot the further the target is away from you.  The target can be moving.  How do you achieve excellence in shooting?

Do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • What factors should determine our purchase of a handgun?

  • If you have made a purchase are you fully confident that you own the right pistol and that it fits your intended purpose?  

  • How do you assess the use and effectiveness of your choice?

  • What are the limits of your current shooting skill?

  • Does your current skill fit the purpose of ownership? 

  • Are you fully confident in your skills and ability for your intended purpose?

  • How do you know and assess this?

Shooting well is found in developing the finesse in operation of a handgun.  Bad habits are very difficult to break.  No two shooters are alike and shooting has a large component of proper skills but also is an art.  The art is discovered as we each practice and develop what works for us.  It is why there is no singular way to achieve excellence in the sport.  

This is why we ALL need one or multiple trainers.  Training may seem costly but in the long run will save all of us a lot of wasted time and money as we find the right tools for each purpose and develop our skills to be effective.


As a natural teacher, many I have taken to the shooting range have informed me that I should pursue firearms instruction, each of them having different levels of proficiency.  I have assisted first time owners to the proficient in next steps for their development.  Let us discover and work together to develop you shooting proficiency.  It is one thing to watch YouTube videos, but entirely different to have a trained eye with shooting skills coach you forward.

Best of all, we can set up a time that works for you and fits your schedule.  Give me a call, text me or click on the link below and fill out some information. I will answer any questions you might have.

Cost: $125 per person per hour plus range fee of $20 if not a member of The Gun Range San Diego. 

Use the Contact Page link below or give me a call so we can talk and schedule a convenient time for you. (619) 797-7464

Date: Schedule with Bob via contact page or phone.

Place:  The Gun Range San Diego

            7853 Balboa Ave,

            San Diego, CA 92111

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